Difference Between Models

What is the difference between the Viper™ model and Classic model of boots?

Renegade Classic v. Renegade Viper hoof boot
The Viper™ model is more rounded in shape overall, and wider at the toe quarters. It is available in a wider range of sizes, ranging from proportional dimensions to perfectly symmetrical. The material is slightly harder (with the exception of the UltraViolet series) and longer-wearing, with a deeper and more aggressive tread pattern. The heel captivator has more shape and definition and is well-suited to low, well-defined heel bulb conformation. (Captivators can be mixed and matched between boot styles.)

The Classic model is more oval overall, with a narrower toe and wider at the heels. A very spade-shaped hoof is often well-suited for this boot model. The tread is not quite as aggressive, so horses with more slide to their movement, such as gaited horses, may be better with this model. The Classic heel captivator is flatter, and will fit a wider range of heel bulb shapes.

If you have any questions about sizing, or which boot model is best for your horse, email photos of the hooves with a tape measure showing the width x length in to us at [email protected].