Modifications and Customization Options

We are committed to getting the right fit and best performance with your boots as we can, and have various customization options that can be utilized.

All customization options require factory authorization, and sizing photos must be submitted to us in order to approve any boot modifications.

Options include:

  • Swap of captivator sizes and styles. There are two captivator styles (Classic and Viper™) and three sizes within each style. The Classic captivator is flatter and has slightly less structure and rigidity, and fits a wider range of heel bulb shapes and heights. The Viper™ captivator is optimized for a well-developed heel bulb conformation and may not fit as well on flatter or narrower bulbs. A Classic captivator can be installed on a Viper™ shell, and vice versa.
  • Cutback Options. The boot length can be trimmed shorter if the hoof length is shorter than the boot length. Many times a hoof whose measurement is wider than long may actually have some hoof wall flare that is creating an artificially wide measurement, so photos showing not only the underside of the hoof but side and front view angles are helpful in determining if this is the case.
  • Sidewall Cutout. The back edge of the sidewall of the boot can be trimmed away to open up the back part of the boot to accommodate a more spade-shaped hoof, if going to the next size up proves to be too large/sloppy.
  • Fabric-Lined Captivator Liners. Occasionally a horse will be particularly sensitive-skinned or irritated by neoprene, and in those cases, the neoprene liner of the heel captivator can be swapped out for a fabric-lined one. (Although the pastern strap is also lined with a neoprene cushion, that does not make the same extended contact with the horse that the captivator does, and should not pose an issue.)
  • Gel Pads. For extremely sensitive, thin-soled horses, or those recovering from a metabolic episode (laminitis, founder, etc), a permanent pour-in gel pad can be added into the sole of the boot. This will add approximately 2oz to the weight of the boot.
  • Straps/Cable Size Swap. Parts are generally sized proportional to their corresponding boot sizes, but occasionally a horse will fall outside that “standard” — finer-boned pastern compared to hoof size, or very large/thick bone compared to hoof size. If this is the case, straps can be swapped out for larger or smaller sizes as appropritate.