The Competition Proven
Pro-Comp Glue-On
Now Patented!
Pro Comp Renegade Glu On Hoof Boot

Originally developed as a specialized glue-on in 2001 and now Patented after a recent design update, the Renegade® Pro-Comp Glue-On provides an easily installed alternative to the strap on hoof boot when extra protection is needed for the naturally trimmed barefoot horse.

Primarily intended for competition use, they are flexible, durable and long lasting.  When properly installed, the Pro-Comp Glue-On will not inadvertently come off even when used for multi day endurance competition. Though not recommended for long term use, they have shown to remain well attached for over five weeks.
Renegade Pro Comp Glue On Hoof BootsRenegade Pro Comp Glue On Horse Boot Tread

Available in numerous Renegade® colors and in sizes 00, 0-Narrow, 0, 1, 2, 2W, and 2WW (CLASSIC sizing).

The Renegade® Pro-Comp Glue-On has been proven at the highest levels of endurance competition all around the world, including rides like the Tevis Cup, Virginia City 100, Big Horn 100, Australia’s Tom Quilty, AERC National Championship, Australia’s Shazada multi-day ride, countless AERC Pioneer and XP multi-day rides, and more. From the Sierra Nevada mountains and rocks to the Midwestern mud to the sands of the UAE, the Renegade® Pro-Comp Glue-On has done it all.